Java API client in 5.0

Hello, currently I am using the TransportClient that uses the binary stream to port 9300. I understood that in the next release of ES 5.0 there will be no more the availability of this kind of client, there will be another client that directly uses the REST API on port 9200. Is it true?

Could you give me some advices / info on what client I can use?
Thank you

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It'll still be there. Honestly I'd love to remove it one day but we have to get a nice, performant, decently high level REST based client.

This is the low level rest client that'll be available with 5.0. It is too low level to be awesome. It is useful if you want to be compatible with many different versions of Elasticsearch but doesn't have high level constructs for anything. We'll build a higher level client.


TransportClient will still be there but will probably be deprecated and might be removed in 6.0 or 7.0... So not really tomorrow.

On the other end, the java REST client will work with 2.x and 5.x series.

What about the Java interface in the version 6.0 or 7.0, it will remain similar like the one used by the TransportClient? Or I will have to change everything in Java?