ES container in Docker changes the "temp" directory every time the container runs!

I am trying to develope a plugin, it must writes files on a click. After I searched, I found out that I can only write to "temp" folder, is that right?
So, in windows, I was able to locate the "temp" folder and everything run fine! but when I tried to install the plugin in Docker, I found out that the "temp" directory changes every time I start ES container in Docker!!
what can I do?

Which temp directory are you referring to here?

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Is the data stored local per node or does it need to be available to all nodes in the cluster in multi-node deployments? As far as I know most plugins tend to store data in system indices avaiulable to all nodes in the cluster instead of writing data to disk locally.

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The temp directory that I was talking about is "es_tmpdir".

The data is stored in indices, but I wanted to create locally a temporary file that will contain part of this data.

I solved it using docker-compose file by adding this field to "volumes":

      - "es_tmpdir:/tmp/elasticsearch"

Thank you @warkolm and @Christian_Dahlqvist for your help!

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