We have one of the requirement to host ES in AWS ( Euro Zone). Index size will be 100 GB. What would be the ideal instance sizes in AWS?

We'll also be investigating AWS ES as a service. However we'll still need a recommendation on this to compare.


What sort of data?
Query/indexing rate and requirements?
What sort of queries?
What version?


I don't have any information yet other than what I just told you, unfortunately. All I know is that the index size will be 100GB. Are there any general guidelines one can use for sizing elasticsearch clusters on AWS?

The query and indexing rate will have a significant impact on the cluster size and specification, as will the types of queries used and the latency requirements. Just the size of the indexed data is generally not sufficient for sizing. Also, does the 100GB of indexed data include replicas or not?

Ok, thanks. I'll see if I can find that out. This request was forwarded to me by a manager from the client. Who may or may not know that information. But I'll talk to them and see what I can learn about their proposed environment.

I understand they are planning a 3 node cluster. So we'd probably want to store replicas of the entire data set on each of the 3 nodes. So by that alone we'd probably want a 300GB data partition on each node stored on EBS?