ES In Prod periodically jumping to constant high CPU and super slow queries

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I run ES on my production site, and every ~2weeks or so of running it, all of a sudden it will jump to 106% CPU utilization and stay there until I bounce the service.

I saw this before and did a bit of research, and increased the java Heap size to 4GB. (there is 8GB on the box)

Can you help me understand what may be happening and help me prevent this from happening in the future?

Thanks so much!

Running ES 2.4.5 on Centos 7

(Todd DeSantis) #2

Is there anyone that can help with this?? ES runs great until all of a sudden it jumps to a constant 30% CPU utilization on my box!

(Dan Markhasin) #3

It's impossible to help without any details or logs... is there any information in the ES logs at the time? What does the output of /_nodes/hot_threads look like?

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