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I want to ingest csv data but the string data output a double quotation.

Below is an example of my data:
2019-02-14 16:10:19,"Mike","Foster","M","24"

Here's the pipeline

PUT _ingest/pipeline/sample
"description" : "Sample Pipeline",
"processors" : [
			"grok" : {
				"field" : "message",
				"patterns" : ["%{DATA:logtime},%{DATA:first_name},%{DATA:last_name},%{DATA:age}"]

and Here is the output:

"_source": {
                    "logtime": "\"2019-02-27T12:32:33.768Z\"",
                    "first_name": "\"Mike\"",
                    "last_name": "\"Foster\"",
                    "age": "\"24\""

I want to git rid of the double quote.


May be run with \" in your grok filter.

Better to use btw the dissect processor. Should be faster:

Also have a look at the CSV processor :

Thanks for the input @dadoonet.

I already tried the \" but I encountered an error.

I'll try the other 2. thanks

Could you share what you did?
A full _simulate example would be helpful to help you.

See for example: Ingest pipline - multiple fields processed by one porcessor

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