ES network architecture

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We are exploring ES in our stack. I was looking around for some good architecture diagrams which shows internals of ES like how Netty is used by ES, which protocols needs to be configured and enabled for making cluster work(multicast, unicast), which protocols gets utilized at different layers(application(i guess ES uses Native Elasticsearch binary protocol), network ,etc). I know details of how ES works like sharing indexing, pipelines etc in details, all i am missing more of network level architecture details. Also, i don't think ES runs on any server(like tomcat, wildly etc), it runs as a standalone application ?

Any pointers with above information would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

That's not anything we have unfortunately.

What is used is;

  • TCP 9200-9299 for HTTP
  • TCP 9300-9399 for Transport

We don't really suggest the use of multicast any more.

It is standalone. We do not support embedded instances.

Thanks for the reply...

Are there any plans ?

For unicast, i just need to provide of any reachable node in the cluster and then it auto discovers others right ?


If it's something you want then raising a feature request is the best option.

You need a seed list, not all the nodes.

Sorry, what do you mean by seed list ?


A "seed list" is used to "seed" (provide a starting point) for the discovery process. You don't need to list all of the nodes in the cluster, just a few from which the starting node can learn about all of the other nodes.

In a larger cluster the best practice is to have three master nodes. The practice I have adopted is to seed each master node with the other two master nodes, and to seed all other nodes with at least two, but usually all three masters.

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Thanks @rcowart .

I raised the Feature request, but they closed it and mentioned about discussing it here. Not sure what to do now. Here is the link for the feature request.

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