Some questions about ElasticSearch

Hello everyone !

I have some questions on how work ES :grin:

I have for now a website, hosted on a shared server (Ovh) and i'm planning to move to a dedicated server or google app engine.

My first question is, can i host my website and ES on the same server without performance problems ?
Or it's better to separate them (so i will need two dedicated server).

Also, our website is based in France, but we will deploy to uk and spain. Can the server host the website, with 3 different database (fr, uk, spain) and ES (working for the 3 website) without problems ? Or, again, it's better to separate the website and ES ?

Second question is on how work ES.
In my local environment, i build ES like this :
-> cluster -> node-fr -> users -> id users (so the path is node-fr/users/1)
-> something -> id
-> something else -> id

"node-fr/users" will contain all my french users, "node-fr/something" will contain all my french something, etc ..
So when i will deploy in uk, i think on doing another node for the english users (node-uk for example).
In the end, i will have a node per website in the same cluster. Do i think right ?

Because if my cluster is down for x reasons, i will have no more search for all website :sweat_smile:
It's better to do a cluster per website with one node ? In that way, if a cluster is down, only the search for one website won't work. But i don't know if it's useful to do one cluster with only one node.

Last question : shards
If i understand well, the documents are in the shards.
What is the meaning of having many shards ? It's better to have one (all the documents will be inside) or more shards to equally put the documents inside ?

Thanks for the brave one who read this :grinning:

Hey Fabien. I answered it in the french section where you posted first.

Nice translation effort :slight_smile: