ES not storing entire and precise log information

I have a log file which contains below values -

Sameer S Panicker
Sameer Heble
Ashish Salvi
John Mascy
Anil Khatter
AakashDeep Singh
Shakir Hasin
Mukesh Patel
Pankil Shah

When I search for the text Pankil, I dont get any response. I get response only when I search for nkil.

Looks like only "nkil Shah" is getting stored here. Why is this happening ?

Also, kibana is unable to search for a text present at the last line if it doesn't have ENTER or line break.

This looks like something went wrong during file ingestion. It looks like you are using filebeat, so maybe it would be better to start looking at your configuration there. They have their own Beats Category.

I have the default configuration set. This works fine for all the logs but failed only in storing this piece of information. As of now, I will ignore this. Will update this thread if I see the same issue again.

Thanks !!!