ES-SQL UNION alternative [Was: Sql query canvas]


I need to implement this query in the canvas but it is not working. is there another way to get the same result?

  • SELECT SUM(amount) **
    *FROM (SELECT AMOUNT as amount FROM "payment-index "*
  • UNION **
    *SELECT PaindAmount as amount FROM "ssk-index ")*


Hi, could you provide a bit more info into what's not working exactly and how does your data look like?

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I have two different indices with two different fields, i want to add them together and view it in the dashboard, i tried to it by dashboard but it is not possible.. now i am trying to use canvas to make this

And what is the error that you're getting with the current query?


this is what i get when i run the query

I think UNION is not supported by the ES SQL, according to the docs here.

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what can i use instead of union?

I will transfer this question to ES forum, as they might be able to help further. In the meantime, this is an issue to help you track support for UNION.

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