ES Watcher Action failed to execute

We have enabled Watcher Alert for Cluster Health with webhook to create incident in Servicenow
Action it failed to execute

type": "connect_timeout_exception",
"reason": "Connect to XXXXXXXXX:XXXX [XXXXXXXX/XXXXXXXXX] failed: connect timed out",
"caused_by": {
"type": "socket_timeout_exception",
"reason": "connect timed out"
"http": {
"request": {
"host": "XXXXXXX",
"port": XXXX,
"scheme": "https",
"method": "get",
"path": "/_cluster/health",
"auth": {
"basic": {
"username": "XXXXXXXXXX",
"password": "::es_redacted::"
"messages": [
"failed to execute watch input"

Hi @Dinesh_Krishnan! Are you able to ping the host from the machine that the watcher is running on?

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