ES231 fail due to below Kuromoji error

I got below error while running the elastic search
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Custom Analyzer [kuromojiAnalyzer] failed to find tokenizer under name [kuromoji_tokenizer]

USed the below jar version of kuromoji

mappings as below

Settings as below

"tokenizer": "kuromoji_tokenizer"

Please let me know your comments

Did you verify that the kuromoji plugin is installed? Check the logs/elasticsearch.log for a line like:

[2016-04-20 09:19:23,141][INFO ][plugins ] [VeevaNetworkNode1] modules [lang-groovy, reindex, lang-expression], plugins [hq, analysis-smartcn, analysis-kuromoji, analysis-phonetic], sites [hq]

If that line doesn't contain the analysis-kuromoji plugin you'll have to install the plugin.

What you told is right that it doesn't able to identify the jar

Kuromiji works fine while we run as standalone server(by running the elasticsearch.bat) but we are trying to run the elastic search using code

Actually we are trying to create the nodeclient in code as follows

node = nodeBuilder().settings( ImmutableSettings.settingsBuilder().put("", "tb_es_indexer")
client = node.client();

It requires the path.home to fetch the jars but we cant place the jars in right location
We added the kuromoji jar in build path but we cant fetch the jar as we required

Please let me know your comments

You have to explicitly load the plugin. See ES Plugin add to Node server programmatically

Note that you should not embed nodes in your application. It's not recommended. It's not supported.
It's better to use a standalone node and use then a TransportClient in your application.