ES6.0 typeless strucutre help

Hey guys,
Currently, I have an index-per-day - and the index stores about 3 different types.
I strucutred them like this:
"type": "my_type",
"my_type": {...}

Now, we can see ES6 and ES7 wants us to move to typeless, which means I will have 3 indices per day.
However, as I aware of - having too much shards will make my searches slower.

So can you guys help me understand if having index-per-type is a good thing or not ? I will a lot more indices and a lot more of shards eventually.


We are removing _type, you can still have your own "type" field like you have.
You just need to make sure you don't have mapping collisions.

Thanks for the comment.
So you recommand us still have multiple data-types in same index for having less shards, just without the "_type" thing?

I wanna get ready for ES7.0 now

No I am not recommending that, I am just saying what you can potentially do.

The other option is to have more indices with less shards, and to use weekly/monthly indices for smaller datasets.

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