Mapping Type removal - Study of alternatives


Recently, i found that the mapping types will be removed once v6.0 is released.

I would like to know the thoughts on suggested alternatives:

  1. Create index per type - I have around 30types. So indexes created will be 30. Does ES perform better while searching multiple indices ? In the past i have been reading posts where people suggest on keeping the number to indices to minimum for better search.

  2. Single index, but a "type" field to differentiate the type - It would be a bit difficult to visualize data esp. in HEAD plugin or any like software. Will this approach perform better while search than the #1 above ?

Misc query:
What will be the impact on indexing performance on both above alternatives ?

(Mark Walkom) #2

Do not do #2 if the data types are distinctly different.

If you have groupings of messages, ie metrics, logs from application X, nginx logs, etc etc, then you can group those in a single index.


Thanks Mark. My documents are almost similar for the types. Just a field here and there.
I have a case perfectly suited for Nested type. But due to indexing performance issues & searching simplicity, we have created different types and the data is repeated for documents.

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