ES8 Java Client API : Index API - Get index features flag seems missing

With ES8 java client to get index
client.indices().get(c -> c.index(name).features(...))

I didn't find the method corresponding to the following param:

(Optional, string) Return information about specific index features. Supports comma- separated values. Valid values are aliases , mappings , and settings . Defaults to aliases,mappings,settings .

Ref: Get index API | Elasticsearch Guide [8.2] | Elastic

Maybe I miss sth? Please advice.

Thank you !

I work this way:

    GetIndexResponse indices = client.indices().get(i -> i.index("idx_example"));
    IndexState indexState = indices.get("idx_example");
    IndexSettings settings = indexState.settings();
    TypeMapping mappings = indexState.mappings();
    Map<String, Alias> aliases = indexState.aliases();

Thank you! That works.
Hope the API can provide sth corresponding to the REST. That will make the code cleaner.

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