Esaggs > field is a required parameter

In my Kibana dashboard I get the below error:
[esaggs] > "field" is a required parameter

In my Dashboard there are around 11 panels/visualizations (panel0 to panel10) and I narrowed it down to panel7 which is causing the error... Because when I delete the panel7 from the dashboard then I don't see this error anymore

I checked the thread Logstash Output wrong - Error in visualization [esaggs] > "field" is a required parameter and it looks like this error occurs when there is an issue with the Timestamp field

I have the below code in the panel7 for timestamp field in the "aggs" array but I am not clear what is the error with this date format

         "id": "1",
          "enabled": true,
          "type": "avg",
          "schema": "metric",
           "params": {
               "field": "value"
       "id": "4",
       "enabled": true,
       "type": "date_histogram",
       "schema": "segment",
       "params": {
           "field": "@timestamp",
           "timeRange": {
               "from": "2019-05-07T21:10:55.491Z",
               "to": "2019-05-07T21:18:55.491Z",
               "mode": "absolute"
           "useNormalizedEsInterval": true,
           "interval": "auto",
           "drop_partials": false,
           "min_doc_count": 1,
           "extended_bounds": {}

Can you export this visualization and post it here?

Found that the id 1 related field has the issue. I need to specify some valid field there

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