Kibana dashboard error ( field is a required parameter)

before i start explaining i know that this error was submited before but the solutions didn't work for me and the details in the info are diffrent than other users
my setup is :
*1 centos server runing elk
logstash listening on port 5140
elasticsearch listening on localhost only
and kibana on 5601
*1 windows machine running winlogbeat

all are on the version 6.2.4

i uploaded dashboards using winlogbeat setup --dashboards

check the following image for details >


zoomed in

This error comes when you create a visualization with some field and later that field is removed or type modified.
If the field is indeed present then refreshing the mapping for that index type should do it.
If the field is no longer present, then you need to edit the impacted viz. and select appropriate field.
So edit the viz. which is not working properly on the dashboard. (I wish the error made it easy to identify the offending viz.)

thank you for your reply.
i did no such modification only a clean install of kibana and uploaded the dashboard.

You need to first locate the offending visualization. Edit the one that is not working to figure that out.

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