Error in visualization "field" is a required parameter

I am super new to ELK and having trouble with Kibana after running through Getting Started with Winlogbeats 7.0

I had Winlogbeats working fine and was trying to output to Logstash so I went through the guide. Once finished my dashboard for Winlogbeats no longer works correctly. I can see thousands of events are being indexed, but three of the panels are blank and I am seeing the error as the subject states "Error in Visualization field is a required parameter". I don't understand what steps broke Kibana, or why it seems the data for the dashboard is not present. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Finally, when changing the output to logstash the dashboard does not get any new data. I don't understand where to see the data getting set to logstash.

This can be closed, I ended up reinstalling the stack to resolve the issue. On second attempt the issue did not repeat itself.

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