Escaped '\' not respected?

Hiya - I'm seeing the following on elasticsearch 1.0 : the following query:

                "query_string": {
		                  "fields" : [ "name", "content", "comment" ],
                    "query": "\\um",
                    "boost" : 500

... seems to be failing with the following error:

nested: QueryParsingException[[reportoutputmanagementvistaplus] Failed to parse query [\um]]; nested: ParseException[Cannot parse '\um': Non-hex character in Unicode escape sequence: m]; nested: ParseException[Non-hex character in Unicode escape sequence: m]; }]

... so it seems that my escaped backslash is getting stripped out.

The issue seems to resolve if I quadruple - escape the '' (I don't see the
exception, but I've no clue how elasticsearch is parsing the query).

Is this expected / explainable ? Possibly a known issue in 1.0 ?

Thanks for any / all insights - Dave

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