EuiCombobox is not working properly

Hi everyone.
Im using elastic and i'm trying to use the component Combobox but they options appear further from the element that it should be. (Shown in the following image)

the combobox used is:

      aria-label="Accessible screen reader label"
      placeholder="Select the parameters you want as headers of the cards"

Hello @Frlopezc - It looks like there's a problem with the CSS for the Combobox list. Can you inspect it in the browser?

Hello, once i click on the options the div data-euiportal gets created and those are the options that are created by default

Hello @Frlopezc

Are you seeing this EUI issue within Kibana or are you using the EUI library on a different project?

If you're using this on a non-Kibana project, would you mind filing an issue in the EUI GitHub repository? It would also be helpful if you could provide a minimal Code Sandbox of the issue so the EUI team can narrow a source more quickly.

Much appreciated!

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