EuiImage url

Does EuiImage url support file access?
I have tried to specify a png file that is within the plugin i'm developing.

What is the path that the png file should contain in order to use local path for use with EuiImage?

@pgervais, I'm not sure which version you're building the plugin on (hopefully the latest!). At the moment, the Kibana tutorials use images saved in an assets folder in the home plugin. e.g, the screen shot shown in the tutorial for adding Cisco network device’s logs is read from the assets folder in the home plugin:

Take a look at the code for the home plugin.
If you're working on a version prior to 7.8, you might need to consult the migration guide, since we were still busy migrating the code to the Kibana Platform.

I'm needing the same thing as the original post. I'm currently moving a plugin from Kibana 7.5 to 7.8. In 7.5, I was able to do what you are saying and I can access this specific file:


by going to the following URL:


In 7.8 when I try to access the same file, I get a 404 (Not Found) message. Is there a required plugin I need to include in my kibana.json file in order to see this file? Or is there something special I need to set in the server section of my plugin?

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Hey @ssimmons,
There were quite a few breaking changes in 7.8 for plugin developers. I recommend you go through those, there might be more than one change that's causing your issue.