How to point to a local images in Markdown


v 6.2.2 open source instance.

Using markdown I'm currently pointing the images on my dashboard to an URL i.e

Has anyone managed to point to a local path on the actually Kibana server?

Would appreciate some guidance



Hi there, if you have a plugin with the image inside of the plugin's public directory, then you can use this syntax to embed the image:

![Your image](/plugins/{your plugin ID}/image.png)

Substitute "image.png" with whatever the name of the file is, of course. Note that the plugin ID is defined by the plugin's root index.js file, and is not the name of the plugin folder.

Hope this helps,

Hi Cj

Thanks for the quick reply. What would the syntex be if you are not using plugins and simply want to point to a image file in a local folder?



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