How to show local picture in the markdown?

Hi Experts,

I want to show a picture in my markdown from my local machine . I tried doing the following but it did not work.

![example image](E\vg.jpg "An exemplary image")

Path of the image is in E:\vg.jpg .

Please suggest how I can achieve this ?

There's a colon missing in your example. But anyway, if you try with a URL instead of a Windows-style filepath it might work (on your machine at least): file:///E:/vg.jpg

Thanks Mangnus
I tried it with : as well but it did not work . So I tried with file path as you suggested, still no luck, I tried

![example image](file:///E:/vg.jpg "An exemplary image")

Let me explain why I want this , the picture/image which I an showing right now is from Wiki. My concern is what in case internet is not available or website/wiki is down . I think in that case Kibana dashboard or visualization will not show this logo . So to avoid this situation I think if I can show logo from the local drive will work .

Just to be clear, in this context "local drive" means the local drive of the user visiting Kibana, not the local drive of the Kibana server. I don't think that's what you want.

Just set up a simple web server to serve the file.

I get it thanks Magnus