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Hi all,
Does anybody know where i have to store my own pictures in kibana directory, in order to be able to display them in a markdown?
if i code the path of the file, preceded by the kbana adr and port , that doesn't work :

Un tour sur GITHUB
Thanks for your help

(Chris Roberson) #2

Hi @pdombey,

Can you provide some example code of what you're doing? What is the actual url that isn't working? What does your environment look like?


(Dombey Patrick) #3

Hi Chris,
I want to insert a picture in a kibana markdown, and by clicking on it, i want user to go on a web page. I already post an example, but unfortunately it is interpreted by your page. My purpose in to avoid using an external url to load the picture. Instead i should prefer to store it in a folder known by kibana as a repository for such a file and use kibana url (via its specific port). My question was, does this folder exist?
I wrote the following "code" :
[![ Un tour sur GITHUB] ==> What user sees
(hs://1localhost:5601/usr/share/kibana/src/ui/public/images/github.png)] ==> where the picture is stored
s://github.com/) ==> destination URL

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