Even after reindexing Field Type in kibana is not changing

(Fardin Behboudi) #1

i have a table and one of its field is KPI_success.
this field was saved as var char in my oracle DB and by default mapping in elastic it saved a keyword.
but i have changed the type in DB to number and today i re-indexed the index in elasticsearch. when i get the mapping of the index it shows that the type is float:
"kpi_success": {
"type": "float"
but still in kibana the type is text!!
how can i fix it?

(Fardin Behboudi) #2

got the answer :

mapping is on elastic side
but kibana have stored old mapping so it's necessary to refresh kibana tools

(Brandon Kobel) #3

@FardinBehboudi I'm glad to hear that you figured out your problem! Just in-case others come across this question, the Kibana Index Pattern should be refreshed when the underlying mapping in Elasticsearch changes. This is done by going to Management -> Index Patterns, and then you'll click the "Refresh" button highlighted below by the red rectangle.

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