Event emitted vs. Events received

In 6.3.1 (and earlier) on the Monitoring page for pipelines, it shows Event emitted and Events received. These numbers are always identical, even though my most active pipelines sample data and drop over 90% of their input events.

When I take a look at http://localhost:9600/_node/stats/pipelines, both appear to be equal to the sum of [pipelines][<name>][plugins][inputs][<name>][out] (currently 209690138). Does anyone else think it would be more useful for Events emitted to display the sum of [pipelines][<name>][plugins][outputs][<name>][in]? (Currently 9659817 :slight_smile: )

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Anyone? In case it is unclear. With this configuration

input { generator { count => 10000000 message => 'Hello.' } }
output { file { path => "/dev/null" } }
filter { drop {} }

What I get is 'Events Received: 9.6m Events Emitted: 9.6m', where I think it would be better to show 'Event Received: 9.6m Events Emitted: 0' (or the other way around, either way one number should be zero).

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