Event.start value minus Event.start last value code

Good day!

I am new to elastic and I'm wondering if any other users can help me with my problem. I am having a trouble computing the event.start and event.start (last value) of a certain process on my logs. I am planning to add a runtime field to the data view. I can get the value of my event.start but I dont know the code for the event.start last value. If there are any other way to solve this problem, I'll gladly appreciate. Thank you

Hi, I assume by "event.start last value," you mean a value of the event.start field that exists in the document with the most recent timestamp.

Unfortunately, runtime fields only work across fields of a single document. If you need a calculation that involves awareness of an external document, you'll need to get that in a query and capture that value.

Which application are you using for your processing? This kind of calculation can be done in Canvas, with the essql and var_set functions:

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