Example for ingest attachment plug in with CBOR format for indexing documents

(Radhasankar C) #1

I would like to index pdf documents. I installed ealsticsearch 5.0.1 and ingest attachment plug-in. I dont want to do base64 encode while indexing. So found that there is a CBOR format, in which base64 encode is not required. Could you please share example / code snippet for indexing pdf documents in CBOR format and to search its contents please ?

Ingest-attachment using CBOR example
(David Pilato) #2

It's not supported by ingest plugin.

(Radhasankar C) #3

Hi David, Thanks for response.
May i please ask which plug-in i need to install for indexing pdf without doing base64encode ? Also the code snippet for indexing the same will be helpful for us ..

(David Pilato) #5

I'm sorry but my answer was wrong.
CBOR is supported in core and ingest plugin will deal with that OOTB.
No other plugin required.

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