Exceptions not captured in ASP.NET Full Framework apps

I'm using the Elastic APM Agent from GitHub and running the ASP.NET Full Framework and ASP.NET Core sample apps.

If I throw an exception in the controller methods for either, it only gets registered in Kibana for the .NET Core app, and I can see that Transaction.CaptureException is called by AspNetCoreDiagnosticListener.OnNext in Elastic.Apm.AspNetCore to effectuate this. Where is the equivalent logic in Elastic.Apm.AspNetFullFramework, or is capturing exceptions in Full Framework not supported (yet)?

Hi @NeoX and welcome to the forum!

You are right - at the moment mechanism automatically capturing Full Framework ASP.NET transactions will not automatically capture an exception that escaped from a transaction. Of course you can still manually capture the exception by using agent's public API CaptureException. In any case I've opened Github issue #247 to resolve the problem you encountered.

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Thanks. The CaptureException method worked for me. But I'll look forward to removing this workaround once the automatic mechanism is in place.

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