Exclude meta-fileds from _all

Is there the way to exclude meta-fields (for example _id) from _all field?

The _all field is deprecated, and will be removed in 7.0. You can build your own custom _all equivalent with copy_to. See the _all docs.

Ryan thank you for your answer. We know about copy_to but copy_to doesn't support nested document.
we have json documents like this

    	"name": "Jeck",
    	"dynamic_fields": [ {"f1":"v1"}, {"f2":"v2"}]}

where structure of dynamic_fields is not known for us befor we recive this document.
We tried to set index mapping like this

	"mappings": {
		"doc": {
			"properties": {
                "dynamic_fields": {
					"type": "nested",
                    "copy_to": "full_txt"
                "full_txt": {
					"type": "text"

But it doesn't work. We get "Mapping definition for [dynamic_fields] has unsupported parameters: [copy_to : full_txt]". This case is so important for us.

Is there way how we can solve this issue?

copy_to needs to be on a concrete field (ie not nested or object fields). If you don't know all the sub fields within your nested field, you could add the copy_to automatically using dynamic templates.

Ryan, If I understood correct, you suggested to use config like this

"dynamic_templates": [{
    		"full_txt_t": {
    			"path_match": "dynamic_fields.*",
    			"mapping": {
    				"copy_to": "full_txt"

Does it impact performance when we insert documents? Will ES check matching all field names with path_match in template? How much impact can It make on performance?

Dynamic templates only affect when a field does not yet exist, so it should not have a meaningful impact on performance. Whether a dynamic template exists, a field mapping must exist and will be created automatically when a field name is not found in the existing mappings.

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Thank you very much. It is helpful for us

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