Exiting: error connecting to Kibana: fail to get the Kibana version: fail to unmarshal the response from GET

Hi there, I keep getting this error below:

Kibana status api returns: json: cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field kibanaVersionResponse.version of type struct { Number string "json:"number""; Snapshot bool "json:"build_snapshot"" }

I can curl successfully using the host provided and opening it in a browser as well. Any ideas what solution I can get with this? This is during the setup of metricbeat supplying the variables kibana.host, elasticsearch hosts, username, and password. I don't have typos as well in the cli. Using Kibana 5.6.8. Docker image elastic/metricbeat:7.13.4. Using Amazon ElasticSearch Service version 5.6.

ElasticSearch host format: https://<elasticsearch_endpoint>:443
Kibana host format: https://<kibana_endpoint>:443/_plugin/kibana


Could it be a compatibility issue? Do you use x-pack or oss versions? Also apart from setup are you able to ingest data to ES?

I tried the oss and xpack versions on 7.13.4 and it output the same issue. I've only been in the setup stage so I don't think I'm able to ingest data to ES. Do I need to try older image tags on metricbeat? Or is there no backwards compatibility?

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