Expired https certificate elasticsearch

(Faiz Halde) #1

wondering what will happen to my elasticsearch cluster if https certificate gets expired [it's used for transport and https]

(Bernt Rostad) #2

There is no HTTPS, that I'm aware of, used internally in an Elasticsearch cluster - the master and data nodes all communicate over TCP while client requests (from web browser etc) are done over HTTP, not HTTPS. Even Kibana, when you connect that to a node, uses HTTP.

So if you have an expired HTTPS certificate it shouldn't affect your cluster's operation.

(Faiz Halde) #3

my elasticsearch is secured thru shield

(Bernt Rostad) #4

Ah, I'm sorry, then I guess an expired HTTPS certificate could be a problem

I'm not using Shield myself so I'm afraid I can't help you there.

(system) #5

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