Exponential numbers in visualisation(metric)


I am trying to visualise a value using metric but numbers are very small.
So the metric visualisation looks like this:
I went to index pattern and tried to change the formater but I could not make it shorter.
Can I show this number shorter?

Thank you very much in advance!

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Hey @Angelos, you can use an Index Pattern or Advanced Settings with a Numeral.js format; however, none of them that I'm seeing work well with super small numbers. They can be used to truncate numbers like 100.111111 to 100.11 but they won't display 5.123,123,123,324,234e-53 any differently.

Ideally, how would you like this to be displayed? 5.123e-53?

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Hey @Brandon_Kobel,
Thank you for the fast response! I have tried to format it using Numeral.js but as you said it is a very small number.
Yes, I would like to be displayed as 5.123e-53.


Hey @Angelos, would you mind opening up a feature request for this? Numeral.js supports custom formatters, but it's something that would require code changes in Kibana itself.

Thank you! I will do that.


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