Export dashboard & visualization cli in kibana without know the kibana id

how to export dashboard & visualization in kibana with cli without know the kibana id because of unaccessible kibana

Did you say Kibana is inaccessibible ? Did you check why so? any logs?
Once its accessibile, you can use the dashboard api export to get the dashboards via the API.


or you could use the saved objects API: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/master/saved-objects-api-export.html to retrieve sets of saved objects that you want to import into Kibana.

Hope it helps

@rashmi yes, the log say, all shard all failed and the cluster health status is red even I still can access elasticsearch on localhost:9200
I don't know why this happen

the problem use dashboard api export is, I have to know what the dashboard ID
how to know the dashboard ID if I can't access kibana ?

First you will have to check what the ES and Kibana logs have to say and bring the cluster to Green status back again to further troubleshoot .

Can you identify/verify what is failing ?

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