Export / Import objects

I have multiple space in kibana 7.1.1
I would like to export dashboard and viz for each of this space using curl command.
is it possible?

Use the export API for exporting saved objects from spaces.

You must include /s/{space_name} in the URL to identify the space used for the API call.
http://localhost:5603/s/test/api/saved_objects/_export is an example for the test space. Please see https://www.elastic.co/blog/how-to-migrate-to-kibana-spaces for more details

it works great I can find id of dashboard from web browser and use curl to export jason file.
but can't find a curl syntax to display id of all the dashboard I have on that.
if there is a way to find all the IDs I can setup script to automatically export all dashboard daily for as backup.

I am using 7.1.1
and don't have /.kibana/dashboard present.

trying one more time if anyone has a command to display ID of dashboard