Export data from python script to kibana

I've written a python script to grab some results for analysis and would like to import them into a kibana dashboard. I'm not sure if it's a search I can do directly on kibana as I first grab a count of the most popular articles on a site and then run a follow on search that takes each article ID in turn and grabs the publisher details and publish date.

I'd like to then use this final results set to create a tabular vis in kibana every time the script is run but can't find how to do this, anyone able to help?

Thanks in advance

Hey @jmaccy, if I understand correctly, you're looking to dynamically create a new visualization using Kibana APIs? There's an API for creating/updating saved objects here; however, the format of the visualization saved objects isn't documented and is subject to change. It's possible to reverse engineer how these visualization saved objects are structured and build this definition programmatically; however, that's likely a brittle approach.

Thanks Branson, I'll give it a go and almost certainly have some more questions!

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