Export data to pdf

HI I want to export my charts that I visualize in kibana to pdf
I can't find this option in my dashboard
hwo can I export my charts to pdf ??

You need the reporting feature. It's available with a commercial license (or a trial) or from cloud.elastic.co. Where is running your elastic cluster?

I run my cluster in my local machine
how I can have a commercial license ?

There's a contact me button at the bottom of this page: Official Elasticsearch Pricing: Elastic Cloud, Managed Elasticsearch | Elastic

One of the other option is to run something like a "File -> Print" from your browser and generate a PDF.

I can't use a trial because this a project Graduation

Why? I mean you can start a trial for 30 days.
If you are deleting your cluster (removing volumes in docker or removing the data dir if running locally) you can start a trial again after the restart.
Of course that will remove all existing data.