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Hi all,

Is there a way for me to generate PDF reports from the Kibana dashboards I have created?

I understand this can be done using X-Pack, but the cost of X-Pack make this not a feasible option for me.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Eric,
For printing reports, am afraid, you will need X-Pack. X-Pack enables you to generate reports that contain Kibana dashboards, visualizations, and saved searches. The reports are exported as print-optimized PDF documents. I do not know how this could be done without X-Pack.


Hi Rashmi,

Thank you for the response, much appreciated.

Can you confirm if the report generating feature stops functioning after the 30 trial licence expires?

The cost of X-Pack is extremely prohibitive, particularly for early stage startups and developers.


Hey @EricWS,

PDF Reporting will stop working after the 30 day trial license. CSV Exports, which are first available in 6.0+, are available with x-pack Basic (which is a free license).

Have you evaluated our Elastic Cloud offering? It comes with X-Pack/Reporting and starts at $45 a month for 1 GB of memory and 24GB of storage. Perhaps this is more within your price range?

I assume that you've already received a quote for the X-Pack license using ?



Hi Brandon,

Thanks for the info, much appreciated. I thought that was the case from what I have read.

I have been using a browser extension for quite a while to export CSV direct from my dashboards.

WE have spoken to ElasticSearch reps here in Australia on X-Pack as well your cloud offering. The cloud offering does not work for us because of data sovereignty issues unfortunately.

I will have to try and find a work around.


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