Reporting with X-Pack/Kibana 5.6 - Only One Page Generated


I recently installed x-pack across my Logstash-Elasticsearch-Kibana instances to utilize the Reporting module. Unfortunately when I generate the report of a saved query that is several dozen records I only get 1 page of output and 5 records displayed.

I only have a trial license for X-Pack but did not read anywhere that the trial license has a restriction on the number of records display.


Its not a trial license issue- there is no license restriction on it . If you have a saved search embedded in a report- you still get the 1 page output out of it in previous versions. There is no PDF report generation from saved search in later versions either. The best alternative is to use CSV exports to export your data.

You can generate reports that contain Kibana dashboards, visualizations, and saved searches. Dashboards and visualizations are exported as PDF documents, while saved searches in Discover are exported to CSV.

Thanks @rashmi, but are you certain that the CSV export option is available in 5.6? I am looking at it in front of me and when I click on Reporting button from the Discover pane I see only Generate Printable PDF:


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