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Hello there,

I recently started using all the wonderful ELK stuff. Right now I'm configuring everything as I need it. Doing that, I found no way to adjust the PDFs that are generated by the Reporting plugin.

The problem is that right now, every PDF I generate only uses half a page for the information that I want to export into the PDF. Example: I got a search to list all security events on all clients for a certain time period. Now what I get on the Discover page are 448 hits. When I go to Reporting and generate the corresponding PDF, the plugin creates a PDF with one page, a header (date etc.), the name of the search ("Security events on all clients") and then a table with 11 hits (the most recent ones). This table only goes down to the first half of the page. The rest of the page is empty and there are no more pages within the PDF.

First I thought, this is a configuration issue of the plugin, but I found no way to alter any parameters...

Any help is much appreciated!

Best regards!

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It's a limitation of reporting currently. It's also all images right now, so nothing in that PDF is searchable.

I believe the plan is to export things like saved searched, table data, and metrics as text in the future, but it's currently not possible to get text or to get larger images of the data.


Hello Joe and thanks for answering!

I could probably live with the PDF not being searchable.
But only exporting part of the results of a search makes the reporting feature not very usable, does it?
If reports are generated and sent out to people, how are they going to know if the report is complete if just half a page of potentially dozens of pages or even more gets exported?

From my point of view, this is a serious issue and will most probably lead to not introducing the ELK stack to my project. None of my stakeholders will accept a tool, where the exported PDFs do not show all of the results.

Very unfortunate... :frowning: I really liked Elasticsearch, Kibana and all the other tools.

Best regards!

Edit: I just realized, that the footer of the exported PDF says "page 1 of 1". So clearly there must be something more? :wink:

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