How to get the complete pdf report of a kibana dashboard instead of snapshot pdf?

I have a bunch of kibana dashboards which gives very relevant data. My ELK stack is having a valid platinum license and when I generate a pdf report using the share button in dashboard section it gives me a snapshot and not the entire report. How to obtain the entire report offline in pdf format?

Hello @M_S,

What do you mean by "entire report"? When you create a dashboard report that includes a data table or saved search, the PDF includes only the visible data.

Hi, entire report is like 10/15 pages but generated pdf is only screenshot of the first page. A screenshot of the report is useless.

I understand. This is a known limitation for Data Table visualization, where only the first page of data rows, which is the data visible on the screen, is included in PDF reports, like in a saved search. You may want to follow the open GitHub issue for future updates on this.

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