Reports possiblitiies for dashboard does not follow documentation

I have a dashboard I would like to generate a pdf report of

here's a screenshot of dashboard

according to the documentation:

  • Open the dashboard, visualization, Canvas workpad, or saved search that you want to include in the report.

  • In the Kibana toolbar, click Share . If you are working in Canvas, click the share icon Canvas Share button.

  • Select the option appropriate for your object. You can export:

  • A dashboard or visualization as either a PNG or PDF document

  • A Canvas workpad as a PDF document

  • A saved search as a CSV document

  • Generate the report.

Instead - wtf - when I click share it gives me two options
embed code and permalink

How do I get to the report creating methods discussed in the documentation?

Hi @bryan_rasmussen,

The pdf reporting option is available in our gold, platinum and enterprise licenses, see

Can you check which license you have?