Kibana reporting

Hello there,

I have a few indexes and a lot of data and I need to generate report and graphs for that data. can anyone please tell me how do I do that?


Since you're asking a very general question, I can only give you a general answer:

To visualize your data in Kibana, create a dashboard.

You can generate PDF or PNG reports from a dashboard depending on your license level.

Thanks Wylie. Actually I have saved a CSV report from the index with fields I needed. but now I need a graph presentation for those fields as well so I went to dashboard i created a new dashboard but I am not getting any graphs when i created a visualization with the data i have.


I don't think your question makes sense. I understand that you:

  1. Created a new dashboard
  2. Added a visualization
  3. You're not seeing data

But this isn't enough information to help you. Please provide more detail.

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