Generate Customized Report from Data in Kibana

My dataset contains data of various batches and each batch record is distributed in number of rows. Using Kibana dashboard, I want to enable the end user to filter the data with respect to batch ID (which is easy) and then export some of the data attributes of that particular batch in a well defined (I want to define look and feel of it) excel sheet report.

Can someone advise the ways with which I can achieve this?

You can go to Discover, configure your search and export the resulting documents as CSV (this process can also be automated via script).

You can do the same thing on dashboards and export the whole dashboard as pdf or png. Would that fit your use case?

Thanks for the response. I am afraid this seems a bit different than what I want to achieve here. I want to create a report which has format of my own choice, aggregated data calculations, data charts and some marking against pre-defined KPIs.

Any more suggestions? @flash1293

Do I need to enable this somewhere before doing this? As I can't see this option in my dashboards? @flash1293

PNG and PDF Reports are a Gold feature, so you need a subscription for this: Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic

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