Reports Generation on Kibana

Is it possible to generate .PNG or .PDF reports directly from the free version of Kibana? Or can I use any 3rd party tool that embeds with Kibana?

Hi Tifty,

Is it a dashboard you're looking to export? PNG and PDF reports are subscription based features, but other share options such as sharing links of dashboards or CSV for discover queries are listed in the reporting getting started.

Would sharing links work for your use case?

Hi @carly.richmond,

Thanks for your response. I actually looked into the sharing link, but I was wondering if there is a workaround to generate PNG or PDF report from those on the free version. Let me know if I'm missing something.

Yes, PDF and PNG exports are a platinum subscription feature we don't really have anything in Kibana or any plugins for free as a workaround.

The closest I can think of is you taking a full page screenshot of your dashboard via your browser, but that isn't ideal for a reporting quality export. Is there a reason the share link option won't work for you? What are your reasons for sharing your dashboard?

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Thanks for clarifying. No, for now I am just differentiating the features for self-learning.

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