Generate png report automatically and download

Hello, we are developing a project for industry, and we are working with the ELK stack.

We have a problem / doubt, we are creating some reports dynamically to pdf, where we need to be able to embed in that pdf the "visualizations" that we have created in our Kibana. but we can't make our graph show up in the pdf.

With solutions I have thought of:

  1. I have seen that reports can be created and programmed to generate png, is it possible? Can you have a url where you can download it with the current values of the index?
  2. Is there an API with which to download a report or visualization in png / jpg to be able to embed it in the pdf we are creating?

We are very urgent to be able to solve this problem, as it is strategic and would ensure the idea of moving to other Elastic products soon.

Thank you so much

Hi Jordi,

You can create reports in PNG under Kibana "share" options using Kibana reporting. Available for visualizations:


It is also possible to automate its generation, so you can download the PNG and embed it into your pdf. You would need to use automatic Kibana report generation:

Kibana reporting is available under Gold license:

I hope this helps!

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