PNG reporting via Curl

Hi There,

We wrote a script that generates and download PDF reports from Kibana visualisations. This script has always been working fantastic. Since we have upgraded to 7.7 and later to 7.8 we get PNG's like this:

Some times the PNG's are as expected and sometimes they don't. We have set a timeout of 90 seconds on the rest client that downloads the png's.

We also first check if the PNG is ready before downloading it.

I'm I the only one having this problem or is this a known issue?

Kibana internally uses a headless chromium browser to navigate to the right visualization and render it. If the loading screen of Kibana is captured, this means the headless browser didn't have enough time to render the visualization.

A possible reason for this is the machine Kibana is running on doesn't have enough memory - this can slow down the internal browser a lot. You can also try to increase the various timeouts around capturing (e.g. xpack.reporting.capture.timeouts.openUrl):

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the reply. I tried upgrading the RAM from 1 GB to 2 GB's, but this doesn't solve the problem. We're unable to set the option xpack.reporting.capture.timeouts.openUrl because we're using Elastic Cloud. We also tried the options of this topic: Not allowed to increase reporting capture timeouts in Elastic cloud

Do you have another suggestion?

2GB is still not much, Chromium is a memory-hungry beast. If 4gb also won't help, please open a support ticket.

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