Found xpack.reporting.capture.timeouts.openUrl timeout during create report pdf on elastic 7.11.2

elastic 7.11.2 xpack.reporting.capture.timeouts.openUrl timeout on security onion
and try to added
xpack.reporting.capture.timeouts.renderComplete: 120000
xpack.reporting.capture.timeouts.openUrl: 120000
xpack.reporting.queue.timeout: 240000
and then still got same error , please kindly recommend

Hi @golfreeze

What is the size of RAM for Kibana? It might be 1GB, which isn't enough to run the Kibana server and the headless browser + other background processes.

PDF and PNG reports can work normally when the Kibana instance has at least 2GB of RAM. A 4GB instance may be needed for large dashboards such as the sample data dashboards.

Please share info about your deployment, or you might want to try allocating more RAM for Kibana

Regards, Dima

Hi Dima
Thank you for your comment

My master node ram assign for : 15GB
free -h
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 15G 9.6G 220M 2.9M 5.9G 6.0G
Swap: 0B 0B 0B

Ok, good to know!

Please check this configuration settings and try to restart your Kibana instance with adjusted memory size

Regards, Dima

Hi Dima,

Sorry for more information
I am using Security onion 2.3.51 also ,
and try to added still same error , Do you have another recommend ?

Thank you.

Hi @golfreeze ,

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Security onion and have no idea if it may have any implications for Kibana or reporting speciically. I suggest check our troubleshooting guide for reporting

Regards, Dima

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