Error generating report for Dashboard


I am facing issues generating PDF report for Dashboards and visualizations.
Attached is the error

System Details: Kibana 5.6.2 (Single Instance)
ES: 5.6.2

Anyone who came across this issue?


Yes, I faced this issue also (or at least similar) whats you config in kibana.yml looks like? I have set the following:

xpack.reporting.encryptionKey: nQPdxkCTVTZ4Os0ihhOaGwGXqavih4N7
xpack.reporting.kibanaServer.hostname: < my fqdn >
xpack.reporting.queue.timeout: 60000
xpack.reporting.kibanaServer.protocol: http

Are you guys running Kibana behind a reverse proxy? If so, this requires some additional settings be set in the kibana.yml. Reporting uses a headless browser to take the screenshots of Kibana, so it has to know a few things about your environment via the kibana.yml.

The most common settings that need to be set are:

  • xpack.reporting.kibanaServer.protocol to the protocol that the reverse proxy is using (https/http)
  • xpack.reporting.kibanaServer.hostname to the hostname of the reverse proxy fully qualified domain name
  • xpack.reporting.kibanaServer.port to the port that the reverse proxy is listening, 80 or 443 most commonly

There's one other potential issue that might be causing this behavior, are you only seeing these Timeouts when using Tilemaps?

Figured to set the key, also followed the steps mentioned by @Brandon_Kobel
Now i am getting an error: HeadlessError: Phantom Process died

@karnamonkster we've generally seen this occur when there isn't enough CPU/Memory on the server running Kibana to support spawning and running PhantomJS (our headless browser) that takes the screenshots itself. Would you mind seeing how much CPU/Memory is available on that server?

Hi @Brandon_Kobel

I have the following on my Kibana instance
OS Free Memory: 4.3 GB
Version: 5.6.2

@karnamonkster is Kibana running on it's own server/VM? How does the CPU utilization look before/during Reporting execution? If you create a simple Markdown Visualization, do you see the same behavior?

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