Kibana 5.2 +x-pack error when generating reports

X-Pack throws the following error when I try to generate a report.

Any ideas why?

Am running on ES and Kibana5.2

I believe the error speaks for itself that the report query took longer than the allottede timeout period.

How large was the report query itself? ES & K 5.1.2? In the interim, I can repro and come back to you with any of my findings.

the report is not as large, I was doing a one pager report of the dashboards that i've created.

@kioie are you running Kibana behind a reverse proxy (nginx/apache/haproxy)?

@Brandon_Kobel no its not behind a proxy, am currently on a dev environment

Is this 5.1.2 or 5.2.x?

@JKhondhu its 5.1.2

@kioie Can you explain the exact steps you took from visualisation to dashboard to then arrive at this timeout error.

@kioie When you specify the '--dev' flag for Kibana, it dynamically puts it behind what we refer to as a Base Path Proxy. This requires you set the following setting xpack.reporting.kibanaServer.port: 5601 for reporting to work correctly

You could also disable the Base Path Proxy with the following flag --no-base-path

@Brandon_Kobel I already have xpack.reporting.kibanaServer.port: 5601 on my kibana.yml. No change it necessry to add it to elasticsearch.yml file as well?

I had included these lines on my kibana.yml

@kioie it shouldn't be required in your elasticsearch.yml. Are you also setting in your kibana.yml?

@JKhondhu I created a dashboard, saved it, then went to the reporting tab on management to try and download the saved report....hence the error

@Brandon_Kobel yes I am

If you set [ 'reporting' ] as well in your kibana.yml, it'll show you the URL that reporting is using to generate the report. Would you mind trying to visit the URL that it prints to the logs to make sure it's available from your machine?

are you talking about this url?

if so, the url gives me the following error

am I looking at the right thing?

Sorry, I was unclear earlier. When you set [ 'reporting' ] you should have more detailed logs regarding reporting in your kibana logs. So, if you're running kibana via ./bin/kibana --dev or npm run start then your terminal should have something like the following printed:

server    log   [14:02:49.251] [debug][reporting] fetching screenshot of https://localhost:5601/rjo/app/kibana#/visualize/edit/Apache-HTTPD-Load1-slash-5-slash-15?_g=()&_a=(filters:!(),linked:!t,query:(query_string:(query:'*')),uiState:(),vis:(aggs:!((enabled:!t,id:'1',params:(customLabel:'Load%205',field:apache.status.load.5),schema:metric,type:avg),(enabled:!t,id:'2',params:(customInterval:'2h',extended_bounds:(),field:'@timestamp',interval:auto,min_doc_count:1),schema:segment,type:date_histogram),(enabled:!t,id:'3',params:(customLabel:'Load%201',field:apache.status.load.1),schema:metric,type:avg),(enabled:!t,id:'4',params:(customLabel:'Load%2015',field:apache.status.load.15),schema:metric,type:avg),(enabled:!t,id:'5',params:(customLabel:Hostname,field:apache.status.hostname,order:desc,orderBy:'1',row:!t,size:5),schema:split,type:terms)),listeners:(),params:(addLegend:!t,addTimeMarker:!f,addTooltip:!t,defaultYExtents:!f,drawLinesBetweenPoints:!t,interpolate:linear,legendPosition:right,radiusRatio:9,scale:linear,setYExtents:!f,shareYAxis:!t,showCircles:!t,smoothLines:!f,times:!(),yAxis:()),title:'Apache%20HTTPD%20-%20Load1%2F5%2F15',type:line))

If you copy/paste that URL into your browser, do you see the visualization you were anticipating?

@Brandon_Kobel so this is what I am getting

Not entirely sure who is coz my own laptop is on

@kioie that's not the log message that we're looking for, please look at the example message that I posted above.

am not running kibana on dev mode, am currently running it as a service i.e service kibana ...

I tried to run the command you have above and this is the error I got

My apologies, I misread earlier and thought you were running locally in dev-mode please ignore the part about running those commands and looking at the terminal output. Have you set the 'logging.dest' setting to a file already? That's where the logs will be located. Also, you'll have to restart kibana after changing the kibana.yml to get it to see the changes.