Report Generation issue in from Kibana Visualize


I want send the report with event count of each devices in last 24 hours by email. I have created new visualization by aggregating with src.ip feild. When i am downloading the report as PDF, full infromation is not reflecting in pdf. only the line count in a single screen is populating in the report.

I am using ELK 7.8 here.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

So we can help troubleshoot the issue, can you please provide the following?

  1. Screenshot of the PDF report
  2. The configuration for the visualization which you're using to generate the report (you can navigate to Stack Management > Saved Objects, find your visualization, click the "..." action button and click "Inspect", and share the JSON output here)

I cannot share the report due to sensitive information.

PDF is capturing more line items when i zoom out the whole browser size before generating the PDF. But this is not a permanent solution since the actual report contains more than 1000 device count( more than 1000 line items) .

When downloading csv by clicking formatted CSV button is capturing complete information in the report. But there is no option to copy the post url of generate CSV for visalize in kibana.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for clarifying, I think I understand your problem better now. You have a Saved Search (from the Discover application) which you are rendering in a Dashboard, and you want to generate a report with all of that data in a PDF, is that right?

Our documentation on this for 7.8 is a bit more sparse, but in 7.9 onward the documentation states:

NOTE: When you export a data table or saved search from a dashboard report, the PDF includes only the visible data.

This is a limitation in Kibana's Reporting feature right now. There is an enhancement request open for this already:

The issue description is focused on data tables and CSV reports, but in the discussion in the comments, users have asked for support for saved searches and PDF reports as well.

You can subscribe to that issue to get updates on progress. It seems like something that lots of people have asked for, and we were unable to implement due to technical limitations until a related issue was completed a few weeks ago.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

A small correction on the above statement. I am not trying to generate report from Discover app, instead i am trying to generate report from Visualize(aggregation query) and there is no CSV report option in kibana visualization, only option is to generate pdf.

I have gone through the github link shared above, but i am not able to identify a successful resolution for this issue in that link.


i have attached the screenshot of csv download button option in bottom of visualization page. Please let me know if there any option to get post url of 'formatted CSV' button.


Please help on above mentioned issue.

@jportner @elastic-stack-reporting
Requesting for your valuable feedback on the above mentioned concern.

Oh OK, I guess I misunderstood.

So you have a visualization, and the "Formatted" CSV option gives you the information that you want -- you are just looking for a URL so you can automate these CSV exports externally, is that right?

Sorry for the confusion, this CSV export is actually totally separate from Kibana's Reporting feature.

There is no URL to copy for this, unfortunately. The reason there is no URL is that the Kibana client already has all of this data loaded into memory, and it dynamically generates a CSV file for you as a download.

If you'd like to be able to download CSV Reports (with a URL), you could add a feature request issue on our GitHub repository. Unfortunately there is no way that I can think of to accomplish that today.

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